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Evershine with GPS Clocking and Scheduling Modules to serve clients en.out

Evershine with  modules including Scheduling, GPS Clocking , Leave , overtime,salary, seamlessly provide  you one-stop service. Five modules are integrated to be one system with  the same username and password.  Each employee’s daily normal and abnormal attendance records will be recorded on time online.  will  make attendance processing simple, effective, correct and rapid.  Instead of the traditional punch clock,  we provide cell phone GPS  clocking solution.

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Evershine Cell Phone Clocking provides settings for each colleague’s workplace:
Set a maximum of 5 working locations, address and geography coordinates.
When the cell phone clocking in, it will calculate the distance between the clocking place and the nearest set  workplace.
Cell phone should be clocked with GPS, will use distance to remind not to use WiFi clocking.

Evershine  provides daily  scheduling  shift class for each colleague:
On different kinds of Day-off  day,  each will have its own Business Rules including of  overtime interval  and limited hours, and corresponding overtime rate.
On different kinds of National Holidays, each will have its own Business Rules including of  overtime interval and limited hours, and corresponding overtime rate.
On Normal Shift, there will have its own Business Rules including of   (a)regular commuting time , rest periods; (b) leave deduction rate; overtime interval ,  (c)limited hours and corresponding overtime rate.
On Flexible Shift 1, there will have its own Business Rules including of  (a) commuting time and rest periods (b) leave deduction rate (c) overtime interval, limited hours, and corresponding overtime rate.
On Flexible Shift 2, there will have its own Business Rules including of  (a) commuting time and rest periods (b) leave deduction rate (c) overtime interval, limited hours, and corresponding overtime rate.
On Flexible Shift M, there will have its own Business Rules including of  (a) commuting time and rest periods (b) leave deduction rate (c) overtime interval, limited hours, and corresponding overtime rate.
* Each company  shift class and its own Business Rules are different and need to be customized. More than 5 classes require a service charge.
* The  scheduling module shall record:  a. the rate of deduction for leave, the number of overtime interval and limited hours, and the corresponding rate and  draft leave deduction  item and overtime  items  for  HR staff’s review.

You may  quote “Office Calendar” as a holiday basis, and then individually modify each colleague’s daily shift.
If your company has its own scheduling module, you can set each colleague’s daily class according to Evershine format, imported into  Evershine attendance system.

Our philosophy is to try to put your company leave and overtime attendance rules, Control to Evershine phone punch, and your colleagues have good interaction, and in the punch side of the collection of complete staff attendance data.

Normal work and off work punch
Push broadcast reminder, action clocking data do not miss, complete the work and work clocking, attendance record permanent preservation.
Overtime begins with end punch
Employees can punch in the Evershine mobile phone, call overtime start time, overtime end time.
Can be cross-checked with Evershine Cloud Payroll and Attendance System overtime application form.

Evershine will remind you to punch in before and after your commute due to a set clock shift.
Because there is a set punch class, if the punch time and the designated class commuting time does not match, will also show each late and early departure record, so that the company management more convenient.
If the employee makes up the punch card, the record should be applied in Evershine Leave System, Overtime System and approved by the supervisor.

Cell phone clocking support multiple working points clocking
Phone GPS location, allowing employees to clock in at multiple work locations.
Evershine Cell Phone Clocking provides fast and convenient clocking service, not only to record time, but also to record the location.
Evershine cell phone clocking can not only record the time and place of clocking, but also provide a number of work location clocking services.

Evershine cell phone punch, according to the department members punch time and class comparison, in order to each day punch classification to produce normal and abnormal records:
Normal work begins; Normal end of work;
Not to; Late; Leave early;
Overtime starts; End of overtime;
Punch _ location _ exception;
Other abnormal conditions.

Cell phone punch effectively control attendance
Mobile phone instantly control department members attendance status, Evershine mobile phone clocking so that supervisors can check the department member attendance status at any time.
The manager can remit the normal and abnormal record of the working time in the background management system at any time, support excel, csv, txt file format.

No extra hardware required
Daily work can be completed on the mobile phone, all data stored in the cloud, enterprises no longer need to spend a lot of manpower, material resources to maintain the system.

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